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Commercial Juicers

Juicers are not just any ordinary kitchen appliance they are a whole new outlook on life. Extracting juice from fruits and vegetables they provide a delicious and nutritious juice for you and your customers, giving your immune system and body a super-dose of vital vitamins, minerals and enzymes.


These compact and convenient machines are an enjoyable and sufficient way to pack vital nutrients into a tasty and vitamin boosted juice, either for the health conscious and fitness fanatics or for those that just want to increase their fresh fruit and vegetable intake, juicers can be enormously beneficial for your health and business.

There are a hundreds of juicing recipes and juices to try, mix up your own combinations or you can cater for specific customer needs or special dietary requirements.

Easy to use you simply slice up the fruit and vegetables and place it in the juicer, then high speed and powerful motors extract the juice from the fruit. Pulp containers help extract all pulp and fibre from the fruits so you are left with smooth, frothy and extremely tasty juice.
Added features include drip trays to keep work tops clean, low noise displays which mean they can be displayed front of house, variable speed motors for both soft and hard fruits and removable stainless steel baskets for easy cleaning. Whether its wheatgrass, green vegetables, root vegetables or fruit, you name it, these quiet, powerful and durable machines can juice it.

We stock a wide variety of juicers for both domestic and commercial use; The Santos K275 Classic Citrus Juicer we stock delivers hassle-free juicing in a fraction of the time to fit with the demands of the modern kitchen.

With healthy eating and lifestyles on the rise juicers are a sought after piece of equipment in the catering world and kitchens. So purchase one today.