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General Purpose Trolleys

Simple and efficient, the general purpose stainless steel trolley is a common sight in any commercial kitchen, canteen or dining room. Built for the ease of transportation and storage of equipment, they are known as a real versatile piece of equipment in the catering industry. They are built to serve and last creating an easy solution for your catering needs.

Commercial trolleys

These heavy-duty fully welded constructions offer optimum strength and durability. The rails keep contents in place, whilst the stainless steel construction ensures stability to withstand maximum weights and safety of transporting and holding even the heaviest loads when needed.

Even though it has sturdy construction it is lightweight and supplied on castors that swivel and brake to make ease and safety of moving and storing large bulks of food, crockery and cutlery.

This versatile trolley can also be used as a preparation table, proving to be an essential piece of kitchen furniture.

They are rust resistant, easy to clean, and hygienic to use, maintaining a clean sterile environment at all times, making them particularly popular for use in hotels, restaurants, or anywhere food, drink or any goods may need to be transported.
It is available in a range of options to cater to your specific needs with two or three tiers and different dimensions to suit any establishment.

The lincat tier general purpose trolley we stock comes in the SST2 unit with two shelves or the SST3 unit with three shelves, both with easy clean dished shelves and braked castors at affordable prices.