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Commercial Meat Fridges

Commercial meat fridges are designed to preserve large quantities of meat at variable temperature needs. Having a meat fridge is an essential requirement for many restaurants, cafes and hotels as well as butchers and farm shops.

Meat Fridges

All caterers will know that meat has to be kept at a certain temperate as part of food safety and hygiene, one part of this is ensuring that meat is refrigerated and stored correctly. Uncooked meats need to be kept a safe distance away from cooked meats. As a rule all cooked meat should be stored at the top of the fridge and raw meat should be separated at the bottom of the fridge.

Commercial meat fridges come in a variety of sizes and are offer the best technology for keeping meat at an ideal storage temperature. We stock a wide variety of meat fridges manufactured by top brands.

The Foster FSL400M upright meat chiller is ideal for those smaller catering establishments whilst the Gram Plus M1400CHX Upright Fresh Meat Refrigerator is ideal for larger restaurants, hotels and commercial kitchen who have a large amount of meat to store. Both of these meat fridges are stainless steel, having a commercial meat fridge which is made of stainless steel is much more hygienic than that of other materials. Stainless steel is a hygienic material that is resistant to most germs and requires less disinfectant cleaner.

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