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Potato Bakers

Jacket potatoes are one of the easiest foods to serve in the catering industry, healthy and nutritious, they are a low cost, high profit margin food that is a popular choice amongst customers. When serving potatoes on mass a potato baker is essential. They offer unrivalled cooking performance through the use of fan-assisted convection cooking and have a capacity to cook over hundreds of potatoes; they make hot, freshly baked potatoes to perfection within the hour whilst the top holding cabinet keeps the potatoes fresh and hot until served.

potato bakers

There are copious amounts of benefits to purchasing a potato baker, these highly efficient ovens not only cook potatoes to perfection but they help free up oven space for all other items which is a necessity in the busy commercial kitchen. These versatile ovens can also be used to cook other foods such as croissants, rolls and pasties.

They are built for heavy duty use with vitreous, enameled coloured panels, solid cast doors and stainless steel interiors. Rounded corners and removable wire shelves make for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The King Edward range we stock is highly visual and attractive, with Illuminated, visual display to both sides of the oven they offer attractive presentation and delicious aroma for your customers to experience, enabling you to maximize your sales.

The compact oven means they take up little counter space, ideal when space is a premium in the workplace. We have them available in different oven sizes to fit your business needs and requirements, and we stock different styles and colours to cater for any d├ęcor. Easy to work with in any environment they can be used as a counter-top or a back-bar piece.

The potato baker means you can serve delicious baked potatoes from sandwich bars, convenience stores, restaurants, cafes, outdoor events and just about any other catering establishment you can think of.

We stock both gas and electric potato bakers from top manufacturers including King Edward and Parry. The King Edward CB788 is a high capacity potato oven that has an easy clean interior and illuminated oven and storage area with built in timer for added flexibility.