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Stick Blenders

A stick blender is a hidden gem in any professional kitchen. This piece of kitchen equipment is so versatile it can do almost anything and everything from mixing, whisking, pulsing, purees and blending with ease.

Stick Blenders

They are lightweight, powerful & easy to use, so working them takes no effort at all. The perfect tool for the quick mixing and blending of sauces, soups & purees, they can also be used to make fast and easy hassle free whipped cream. There is little limitation to the capacity of liquid you can process with commercial stick blenders, with anything from as little as 5 litres to a 100 litres.

The stainless steel construction and blade ensure reliable and constant use. Whilst the high efficiency motor and variable speed switch ensure perfect blending each and every time, some models are able to reach speeds of up to 18000rpm. Detachable shafts make for quick and hassle free daily use and removable parts ensure they are easy to clean.
Extra attachments can be supplied including two-blade knife, four-blade knife, beater discs, whisk discs and different shaft lengths to suit any needs.

The use of a stick blender certainly doesn’t have to be limited to catering establishments they make great use for the domestic kitchen too, making the perfect kitchen tool.

We stock stick blenders which are suitable for light commercial applications, including use in caf├ęs and bars, to the more heavy duty models such as the Dynamic MFAP2000C3 Master Range Detachable Stick Blender. This is one of our finest handheld stick blenders, it can mix, puree and blend up to 100 litres, whisk up to 20 litres and rices up to 30kgs with ease and perfection.