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Bains Maries

The bains marie is designed to hold sauces, gravy and pre-cooked foods for up to two hours at serving temperature. A necessity in the cooking and catering industry it gradually heats food and keeps it at a desired fixed temperature.

bains maries

Traditionally bains maries work when water creates a barrier between the food and a direct heat source, this method of cooking surrounds the food with gentle heat helping the food to cook evenly and slowly, whilst the insulating action of the water allows the food to not boil over.

Contemporary designs have moved on from the traditional liquid filled bains maries to the electric ‘dry heat’ bains maries (heated by element below both pots) and the ‘wet heat’ bains maries (using hot water, vapor, or steam, in the heating process). They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to accompany most catering needs and are suitable for many food service applications, providing a gentle heat they are perfect for delicate products and dishes.

Bains maries are the perfect utensil for any commercial kitchen, front of house and any other form of external catering environment. They have many benefits as they consume less energy, heat quickly, operate at adjustable temperature controls and require little cleaning. They come in compact durable stainless steel constructions ideal for holding any sauces and pre-cooked foods.

We stock a wide variety of bains maries to suit every catering establishment, ranging from wet to dry heats in round pots, gastronorm pots or stainless steel pots, so why not check out our selection.