Wine and Champagne Buckets

Whether you are a restaurant, bar, club or any other business in the hospitality sector you will be sure to need a wine and champagne bucket to chill, display and serve your bottles from. We have an array of good quality wine and champagne buckets including stylish, curved designs or streamline, classic shaped buckets to suit any d├ęcor.

wine coolers

Chill, aerate and pour your beverages at the optimum temperature straight from a bucket. Buckets display your wine and champagne impressively and also help to keep it at its optimum temperature for several hours.

Made from durable materials they help easily transport bottles to tables and provide a means to store them whilst customers enjoy the bottle. They are stackable for easy storage and lifting, whereas the handles are made for easy lifting – making these buckets as practical as they are stylish. They can also be used for boating, picnics or simply home entertaining.

We stock a variation of colour, style and sizes so you can purchase the right sized buckets for your business needs. We have a selection of clear acrylic buckets, or you can make an impact with our black acrylic versions. These simple and classic designs are sleek and commercial and bring elegance to any table top attire. You can also show off your champagne in style with our highly polished stainless steel buckets – a timeless addition to any establishment. We also stock a range of stands to hold the buckets in, ideal for the ultimate luxury display.

For flawless champagne and wine etiquette it is essential to have wine and champagne. Our range will be sure to inject a level of luxury and class to any setting.

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By Philip Wearmouth