Cellar Temperature Control Systems

Any bar or pub manager worth their salt will know how absolutely essential management of cellar temperature is to the quality and to the saleable life of draught products, in particular real ales but also for draught lagers and ciders. Excessive fobbing of lager at the tap leading to huge amounts of wastage, from quarter or even half barrels of real ale having to be disposed of because they have simply gone off.

While a certain amount can be achieved by cooled barrel jackets, a warm cellar will inevitably cause these kinds of problems. Similarly, it always helps if packaged drinks have already been kept cool prior to re-stocking into a bottle cooler or back bar fridge, especially if high turnaround doesn't allow sufficient time for bottles to be cooled sufficiently once on display.

"Cellars" are not always underground of course, and cooled storage areas are used for more than the storage of beer and other beverages. In all cases, consistency of temperature and reliability of equipment is key. Blizzard are an experts in their field and we can provide a full range of room cooling equipment to suit your needs.


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