Catering Equipment for Christmas 2016

Who’d have thought it? Christmas is just around the corner! The season of good cheer is almost upon us; the single busiest and potentially most profitable period for catering businesses in the year.

Unless you absolutely wing it, a successful Christmas is largely down to thorough preparation and massive attention to detail behind the scenes. Santa Claus knows all about this. It’s still a mystery to many people how he does it. But, in truth, it’s an open secret: excellent planning and then presenting people with the fun and games he knows they really want.

For caterers without a super-high stress threshold, the careful planning of the functions, events, special menus and parties that are happening over this period is an absolute must. Here at Catering Appliance Superstore we have everything you need for the festive period. Make organising and planning easier this year with our range of Commercial Catering Equipment and Partyware.

We supply all the equipment and consumables you will need for a fun packed Christmas, including our NEW decorations and consumables section. It’s full of great ideas to ensure your Christmas goes off with shed loads of Yule-tide fun and good cheer.

Check out the party poppers, Christmas crackers, coloured balloons, party hats for kids and adults alike, and all at great value prices. Christmas napkins are in 2 sumptuous styles in white or red, both with an attractive seasonal border motif.

It’s probably time for a quick heads up on stock levels of kitchen, bar and restaurant essentials: cutlery, glassware, cookware, utensils, crockery and staff clothing among them. Enticing food display products will easily repay themselves with impulse buys. You’ll know if you’re already a customer, that here at Catering Appliance Superstore we’ve got great deals on seasonal tableware, menus and boards, table linen and beverage equipment. Just about everything to transform your restaurant, dining room, bistro, pub or wine bar into a Christmas to be remembered.

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