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Gram Blast Chillers / Freezers

Gram blast coolers can help you to reduce the temperature of cooked food rapidly to either refrigeration temperature or to frozen, in order to ensure safe cold storage of prepared foods intended for reheating, part baked goods, or cooked ingredients intended to be served cold. Gram's rapid 90 minute cooling cycle will minimise the time food spends at temperature where food poisoning or spoilage bacteria can develop, and will also improve the quality and freshness of food when reheated.

Large blast chillers and freezers are common in big batch cooking and in mass production environments, but Gram also provide smaller undercounter units suitable for small scale operations that undertake a significant amount of pre-cooking of their menu.

Gram are specialists in refrigeration energy efficiency - for more information on choosing an efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerator, check out our Knowledge Base article on refrigeration technology.