Hot Wraps

Check out Vegware’s low carbon hot wraps for food to go. The hot and crispy pouch is a great product for paninis, wraps and hot sandwiches. Made from two layers of perforated paper to keep your food warm but still allow it to breathe, not sweat. Say goodbye to soggy mess – hello to hot and crispy!

Great for hot cabinets up to 90°C. To eat, just tear along the perforations as you need; no more drips down your front! Innovative ovenable wraps from Vegware allow you to cook, store and serve all in the one package.

Ideal for paninis and hot wrap food, just pop in the uncooked wrap, heat in the oven to 220°C, keep in the hot cabinet as required – and serve! Completely compostable and made from sustainably sourced paper.

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