Shepherd & Dog

Sussex, UK

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Everybody loves a great local pub, and Shepherd & Dog is one we’d all hope to be near. Set in a great location amongst the rolling hills of the South Downs in Sussex, this pub is run with pride by Alex Zimmer, George Wilson and owner David Pearse.

Boasting an inspired selection of both food and drink, this enviable setting reflects an emphasis on locally sourced produce all prepared in-house, accompanied by a unique beer offering which also echoes the region.

Owner David is impressed how Lightspeed has enabled the team to offer better customer service and a more efficient operation.

“Lightspeed means the food comes out faster, which means I turn my tables quicker and the revenue has doubled since we put in Lightspeed.”

Additionally, staff can now offer full table service throughout the pub, even in the garden, which means “customers can stay in the glorious sun without having to head to the nearest bar” to order.

Shepherd & Dog

Watch how Lightspeed’s mobile point of sale has helped Shepherd & Dog run a better pub.

Shepherd & Dog

Favourite Lightspeed features for Alex are the modifiers, which allow a customer’s special requests to be added to the order at the table. Knowing this information has gone straight to the bar or kitchen means he can now spend time at the table rather than running to the bar or kitchen.

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