Rub Smokehouse

Birmingham, UK

An energetic, social-media driven restaurant, Rub Smokehouse uses Lightspeed to run their daily business. The ease of use and adaptability of the system makes it an ideal match for their busy steakhouse. The food they serve requires many modifiers, something that is easily done with Lightspeed Restaurant.

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“Lightspeed has speeded up our service considerably since we first introduced it. It allows us to view what is happening in our restaurants in real time, giving us greater control. Whether we are on site or even on holiday in another country. We can serve over 1000 clients a day in one of our venues and without this system this would be very difficult. If you are thinking about upgrading from pen and paper waiter order pads this is a no brainer.”

— Jason Rowe, Manager

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“We’re developing very quickly, and as we grow, [Lightspeed] will help us grow.” - Jason Rowe, Managing Director

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Rub Smokehouse