Tramontina Churrasco Tramontina Classic Steak and Pizza Knives

Tramontina Churrasco
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Pre-Order (Available from: 17/10/2021)

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SKU: 67540 | MPN: GE991 | GTIN: 7891112197565 | AKA: GE991

Pre-Order (Available from 17/10/2021)

Product Specifications
BrandTramontina Churrasco
AvailabilityPre-Order (Available from 17/10/2021)
Box Quantity6
Cutlery Grade18/0
Cutlery TypeSteak Knife
Dimensions10(H) x 19(W) x 211(L)mm
Material18/0 Stainless Steel
Supplier Reference29899/155

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211(L)mm | 8 1/4". Pack Quantity: 6The Classic Steak Pizza knife 5" is made with premium quality, heat-threaded steel and also has a perfectly sized, serated blade for steaks, pizza, bread, fruit. As well as excellent cutting performance for all cuts of meat.

Tramontina Churrasco GE991 Description

211(L)mm | 8 1/4". Pack Quantity: 6

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Impact resistant
  • High temperature resistance
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Can you help me choose which grade to purchase?
The numbers are used to describe the quality and grade of the stainless steel. The two main components used to manufacture cutlery are chromium and nickel. The numbers 18.10 and 18.0 show the percentage of these components that are present in the stainless steel used: 18.10: 18% chromium / 10% nickel 18.0: 18% chromium / 0% nickel Whilst chromium gives cutlery its rust-resistant qualities and hardness, it is the job of nickel to enhance its corrosion resistance, as well as providing a silver-like shine. The higher the nickel content, the more rust resistant and shinier the cutlery will be. This however, does come at a cost as nickel is somewhat expensive. Looking for cutlery that feels heavy in your hand and has a superior shine and rust resistant qualities? Choose 18.10. If you will be using your cutlery everyday, dont mind it feeling light in weight and not as shiny, choose 18.0.
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