Electric Filtration Fryers

Electric filtration fryers are available in single tank and twin tank models. They cost more than their equivalents without filtration, but by removing loose food and other particles from oil during operation they effortlessly increase the life of cooking oil by up to 75%, which will reduce the cost of running your fryer significantly. Our fryer buing guide explains more about the benefits of filtration systems.

These fryers are high powered, with excellent heat up times and temperature recovery. They require a hardwired connection and some need three phase power - see our guide to appliance electricity supply for background information on fitting high powered electrical appliances.

Oil Filter Papers for V30

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Weight: 1 kg
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£100.97Ex VAT
£121.16Inc VAT
Oil Filter Papers for V50 or V80
Weight: 1 kg
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£180.25Ex VAT
£216.30Inc VAT
30 Oil Filtration Unit V30
Weight: 6 kg
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£1,016.14Ex VAT
£1,219.37Inc VAT
50 Oil Filtration Unit V50
Weight: 8 kg
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£1,692.89Ex VAT
£2,031.47Inc VAT
80 Oil Filtration Unit V80
Weight: 9 kg
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£2,045.73Ex VAT
£2,454.88Inc VAT
E401F 20 Ltr Electric Fryer with Electric Filtration
Capacity: 20 ltr
Power Supply: 3 Phase - This unit requires a 3 phase electrical supply to be installed be a qualified electrician
Height (External): 880mm
Width (External): 400mm
Depth (External): 850mm
Power Type: Electricity
Number of Baskets: 2
Finish: Stainless Steel
Finance Availability: Available
Weight: 74 KG
Warranty: Manufacturers 1 year parts and labour
In Stock!
£3,031.00Ex VAT
£3,637.20Inc VAT