Pressure Washers

Here at Catering Appliance Superstore we are particularly proud of our fantastic range of pressure washers and steam cleaners. With a great choice of Karcher and Fast Systems products, it doesn't matter whether you are maintaining exterior flooring, renovating tired-looking walls or steam cleaning interior floors the equipment you require is provided here at great prices. Industrial steam cleaners and spray extraction cleaners are provided alongside pressure washers and specialised trolley systems. These cleaning systems are a great investment for continued maintenance work, avoiding unnecessary and expensive renovation of poorly maintained spaces and generally projecting an image of cleanliness and quality. A pressure washer from Catering Appliance Superstore is a must for customers looking for the highest of standards for their establishment.

DP012 Steam Cleaner

In Stock!
Height (External): 260mm
Width (External): 254mm
Depth (External): 380mm
Capacity: 1 ltr
Weight: 3.4 KG
In Stock!
£131.55Ex VAT
£157.86Inc VAT
P418 DE4002 Trolley for Steam Cleaner
Height (External): 420mm
Width (External): 480mm
Depth (External): 830mm
Weight: 4.58 KG
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£172.03Ex VAT
£206.44Inc VAT
CD110 Cold Water Pressure Washer
Warranty: Manufacturers 1 year parts and labour
Weight: 19 KG
In Stock!
£373.61Ex VAT
£448.33Inc VAT
P414 Puzzi 100 Spray Extraction Cleaner
Warranty: Manufacturers 1 year parts and labour
Height (External): 720mm
Width (External): 495mm
Depth (External): 355mm
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£446.26Ex VAT
£535.51Inc VAT
Cold Water Pressure Washer
Warranty: Manufacturers 1 year parts and labour
Weight: 23kg
In Stock!
£518.91Ex VAT
£622.69Inc VAT
P417 DE 4002 Industrial Steam Cleaner
Capacity: 2.4 ltr & 2.2 ltr
Weight: 7.5 KG
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£667.54Ex VAT
£801.05Inc VAT
Steam Cleaner and Trolley
Weight: 8kg.
In Stock!
£682.82Ex VAT
£819.38Inc VAT