1 Plate Electric Boiling Tops

Single plate electric boiling tops are the perfect compact cooking solution for businesses that need a very small amount of cooking capacity, or who need to top up their hob capacity with just one extra plate. Single plate electric hobs are also very popular with mobile catering businesses as they are easy to store away when not in use, but can be quickly brought into service when needed.

Lincat and Burco both have an offering in this category with quite a division in price point. The Lincat model is more ruggedly constructed, and has 25% more power output and boil dry protection - the model you choose should be dictated by how frequently you wish to use your single plate electric hob.


GG566 Electric Countertop Boiling Ring Single
Height (External): 67mm
Width (External): 280mm
Depth (External): 270mm
Weight: 2.2 KG
Warranty: Manufacturers 1 year parts and labour back to base
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£22.00Ex VAT
£26.40Inc VAT
Intellichef Multicooker and Slow Cooker
Height (External): 230mm
Width (External): 335mm
Depth (External): 335mm
Weight: 4.25 KG
Warranty: 1 Year - No Commercial Warranty
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£65.45Ex VAT
£78.54Inc VAT
October Special
LBR Single Plate Boiling Top
Height (External): 119mm
Width (External): 285mm
Depth (External): 400mm
Finish: Stainless Steel
Weight: 6 KG
Warranty: Manufacturers 2 year on-site parts and labour
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£99.00Ex VAT
£118.80Inc VAT
CHU Electric Hob Unit

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Height (External): 205mm
Width (External): 260mm
Depth (External): 370mm
Weight: 8 KG
Warranty: Manufacturers 2 year parts and labour
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£113.00Ex VAT
£135.60Inc VAT