Electric Combination Ovens / Steamers

Combining microwave power and electric heating elements delivers a rapid, high quality cooking technology that simultaneously cooks food through the centre while applying temperature to the surface to ensure crispness, texture and colour. Electric combination ovens are simpler to install than gas combination ovens and generally you have more options in terms of the positioning of the units. They avoid many of the food quality problems associated with cooking using only microwave heating, while retaining similar rapid cook times.

We stock a wide range of ovens from several manufacturers including Lincat and Eloma, with six grid and ten grid options available at price points to suit many budgets. Please bear in mind that electric combination ovens are high powered units and some require three phase power - see our guide to electricity supply for commercial catering appliances for more information.

The electric Combimaster range of combination ovens from Lincat represent the most advanced combination oven technology available, with a range of cooking modes including dry and wet heat cooking, standard combination, steaming and finishing. Combimaster ovens are efficient and versatile and come with a good two year parts and labour warranty as standard.

A range of sizes and capacities are available, but all are feature rich with included cleaning and automatic descaling process, and optional hand shower. Doors can be right hand or left hand opening.

These are high powered units and three phase power is required.

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