About Catering Appliance Superstore

JJ Martin (Catering Appliance Superstore) Ltd is a family run business based in Kendal, Cumbria, UK. We supply commercial catering equipment to the UK catering industry and process 1000's of orders each month.

Our History

The company has been established for over 40 years originally specialising in sales, spares and repairs of commercial microwave ovens. In 2009 the company expanded into a wider range of catering equipment such as commercial fridges, freezers, ovens, ranges, bain maries, water boilers, food merchandisers, dishwashers, grills and much, much more.

We now boast well over 30,000 appliances and sundry catering products. We feature most of the top brands including Panasonic, Samsung, Gram, Foster, Lincat, Parry, Falcon and Polar

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Our Company Aim:

To become the UK's #1 supplier of commercial catering equipment.

We have a talented team of staff built (and growing) around the original family business ranging from sales, service and support staff to IT and web professionals. We work as a team and strive to deliver the best prices, customer service and the most user friendly website on the market. We are daily analysing all aspects of our offerings and making improvements.

Google certified shop

Google certified shop

Our website has achieved the Google Certified Shops accreditation (see bottom right of your web browser's screen). This provides a very visible confirmation of what our longstanding customers already know - that we are fully committed to providing a great customer experience and we go the extra mile to ensure shoppers get the service they need, whether that's product advice, logistics or customer support. Feel free to click on the Google certified badge or click here to see our reviews.

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The Challenges We Face:

1) Poor quality and industry damaging UK catering equipment dealers

A number of UK commercial catering equipment dealers are making it difficult for established and reliable companies like ourselves to maintain an exceptional aftersales services. This is due to these companies selling goods at an extremely small margin, and in some cases they are selling at a negative margin. These suppliers are likely to be banking on meeting supplier rebate targets to make their profit, and use price alone to ensure they attract sales.

These companies commonly have very poor post sales services exposed on review sites like Trustpilot, and during working hours 'some' even run an answer phone service because they have no staff to answer phones (they simply can't afford staff due to the margins). You can normally spot these companies by performing a Google search on the company name followed by 'reviews'. We are hoping that these companies fade away over time and we hope that our customers appreciate added value offered by companies like ourselves who are there to ensure you have the best possible service and shopping experience.

2) Services that are out of our control

Like most commercial catering equipment suppliers out there, we use a number of 3rd parties to help fulfil our orders. These are primarily delivery companies, but can include suppliers that despatch goods directly from their warehouses and service engineers. We would love to be able to see every order out of the door to check that your goods are in perfect order before you receive them, but unfortunately this is not always possible and we hope that you will provide us with any feedback on problems that may arise from your dealings with these 3rd parties during the delivery of your product(s).

We continuously provide feedback to these companies and we are always looking to resolve any issues in a fast and professional manner so that you and your business are not disrupted.