Parry Catering Equipment

When we design and manufacture products we think beyond dimensions and basic functionality. We think: ‘What niggles will make kitchen or clinical staff groan in frustration?’ Then we find clever ways to eliminate them.

From retrofits to new builds and fryers to furniture, our complete range covers all catering and clinical requirements. We offer more than 600 products and 3,500 variants (and we’ll customise anything so you get precisely what you’re looking for).


Minimise hassle and maximise value by working with a single supplier: Every aspect of our service is designed to make your life easier

All our products are easy to install, use and maintain: they’re durable and well designed, delivering exceptional value

More than 85% of our catalogue products are available for despatch within 24 hours: so you get fast delivery, that’s free as standard

Get an extension of your team throughout the sales and aftersales process: you get technical advice and support at every stage, as well as a 2-year warranty on all Parry-branded products

When we design and manufacture products we think beyond dimensions and basic functionality.

Parry Products

Made In UKFast DispatchISO Accredited2 Year WarrantyFree Delivery

Catering Equipment

Backed by 40 years’ experience in commercial catering, we know what helps kitchens run smoothly and deliver beautifully cooked food.

With Parry products you won’t have irritated installers who can’t connect the gas to the hob unit because the connection is on the wrong side. Or a fryer riddled with grease traps that keep kitchen staff griping.

Whatever your requirement, you’ll get well-designed, durable products that are easy to install, use and maintain.

Clinical Environment

As specialists in sterile environments, we give you the highest standard in ergonomics, durability and infection control.

From examination tables to storage racks to procedure trolleys, our products give you peace of mind while supporting clinical staff in delivering the best patient care.

Furniture & Fabrication

We can do anything with stainless steel: we’re true craftsmen attuned to form, function and value.

When we design and manufacture products we think beyond the basics – we think about what would make installers and users groan with frustration or smile with satisfaction. Then we find clever ways to eliminate niggles and make people’s lives easier.

Browse our extensive range, but remember that you don’t have to settle for ‘mostly right’ or ‘the closest you can find.’ Our R&D team will work with you to develop and refine products until they’re exactly right for your purpose.

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