Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Catering Appliance Superstore is committed to building a better planet. Our vision of a better planet is one where:

  • Natural resources are used thoughtfully
  • Waste is minimised
  • Natural habitats are maintained to support maximum biodiversity

We encourage our team and our clients to support our vision of a better planet by first recognising any negative impact of their actions, taking steps to reduce those impacts, and offering mitigation where those impacts cannot be meaningfully reduced without compromising activities central to the operation of the business.

Recognition of impact

Like all products, the manufacture, distribution and operation of commercial catering equipment utilises significant natural resources and contributes to atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Operating in an office environment of any kind is associated with employee travel and other activities which have an environmental impact.


  • We encourage employees to walk or cycle to work, take public transport, or car share.
  • We manage energy sensibly by ensuring lights and equipment are switched off when not in use, planning travel carefully, and using resources efficiently
  • We maintain and care for equipment to prolong its life
  • We stock high quality well built products that will last as long as possible
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