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Commercial Kitchen Equipment

A wide range of catering equipment for use in the commercial kitchen. For example commercial microwaves, commercial ovens, water boilers, grills, glass and dishwashers and a whole range of other commercial cooking and preparation equipment.

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Refrigeration & Ice Machines

Look no further for a broad selection of commercial refrigeration products and ice machines. We have a wide range of fridges and freezers for the demanding kitchen including upright, undercounter, single and double door appliances.

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Restaurant & Bar

If you're looking for restaurant and bar equipment such as glass rimmers, cocktail shakers, glass scrubbers or juice squeezers we have it all in this section.

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Laundry Equipment

It's important to keep your linen, towels and clothing clean and dry. We have an excellent range of commercial washing machines and dryers in our laundry section. We also have a couple of other product ranges in here such as linen trucks and ironing presses.

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Kitchen Essentials

A busy kitchen uses many different types of apparatus. Our kitchen essentials section should cater for any requirements, with products such as knives, cookware, tables and sinks, utensils and worktops.

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Cutlery, Crockery & Glassware

We have a generous range of Cutlery, Crockery and Glassware on our website. We sell everything from desert forks and fish knives to serving cutlery. You'll also find every type of drinking glass needed for serving anything from wine and water, to spirits and beer.

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Furniture, Signs & Decor

Catering establishments would be pretty dull without any furniture, signs or decoration. Good job we've got a selection of chairs, tables, cloakroom furniture, garden furniture and web barrier systems to cater for restaurants, kitchens and hotels.

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Clothing, Aprons & Footwear

It's very important to maintain a high level of personal appearance in a public facing catering company. Our range of catering clothing that includes chef whites, hats, pants, aprons and footwear will keep your staff looking presentable.

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