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Lincat Opus 700 Solid Top Gas Ranges Range

Gas solid top oven ranges maximise the cooking space available for pots, pans and woks, and are the powerhouse of boiling tops and hobs. The Lincat Opus 700 OE7005 offers a full width cooking surface divided into two separately controlled zones for cooking flexibility, powered by a central hob burner for consistent heat distribution. The heavy duty machined cast iron hob top has been designed with a channel around the edge to contain spills of oil and other liquids.

When it comes to the oven itself, powerful 9kw gas burners, and twin assisting fans for even heat circulation, ensure cooking performance and consistency of food quality. The interior of the oven is double insulated on all sides and lined with vitreous enamelled steel. Precise thermostatic controls manage oven temperatures between 120°C and 280°C.

Such a hard working, high food volume catering appliance will require regular cleaning - Lincat makes the job easier with removable oven floor plate and shelf supports, and on the hob top a sealed burner area and removable burner head.

The Opus 700 OE7005 is supplied with a Piezo ignitor wand, three chrome plated shelves and a bull's-eye lifting poker. The oven has four possible shelf locations and the hob top features a removable central bull's-eye for wok cooking.