Parts Only Warranty Request

Please use the below form to report that your machine is not operating properly. This will be dealt with under the terms and conditions of the warranty you received when you purchased the goods. The item in which you are reporting as faulty is only covered by a parts only warranty.

What does this mean?

A parts only warranty allows you to use your own sourced fully qualified engineer (at your own cost) to assess the problem. This must be followed by a full engineers report sent back to ourselves, which we will then forward onto the product manufacturer. Once approved by the manufacturer the parts required will be sent to your desired location, along with packaging and a returns label for the defective parts to be returned to the manufacturer.

The manufacturer requests that the defective parts are to be sent back on repair of the unit. Failure to send these defective parts back is unacceptable and will result in a full invoice for the replacement parts.

When the defective parts are returned please ensure you obtain a proof of postage. Failure to do so may result in you being charged for the parts should they not return to the manufacturer.

We reserve the right to take a debit or credit card or other type of payment in advance of arranging a warranty service call. The payment will be refunded if the fault is covered by the manufacturers warranty but will be retained if the product fault or defect is not covered. Examples of exclusions include, but are not limited to; incorrect installation, damage, misuse or lack of maintenance including descaling and cleaning.

Provided you are happy that the warranty log and you have a full engineers report with the parts requested, please complete the attached form and return it to us, signed accordingly, so that we can instruct the manufacturer to access the parts required claim.

Customer Declaration

By submitting this form, I confirm that I have read and understood everything set out in the Service Request Letter. I agree to pay the cost of the service call and/or costs in repairing/servicing of this product if the fault(s) found are due to matters not covered under the warranty terms, for example: -

  • Misuse
  • Site issues (eg. room temperatures/ventilation/positioning)
  • Failure to clean or maintain the product in accordance with instructions
  • Incorrect, poor or faulty installation/re-assembly
  • Poor or faulty drainage
  • Poor or faulty services (eg. utilities)
  • Physical damage
  • Damage/blockages caused by foreign objects
  • Faults caused by poor quality products/detergents etc.
  • Failure to comply with the instructions supplied with the product
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