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Sammic Vacuum Pack Machines

The T range is equipped with an electronic timer and a digital control panel. It allows for time controlled programming for the vacuum.

Digital keyboard with all functions controlled by an electronic timer, which controls the vacuum process and the sealing of the pack to match the preset time. Softair as standard.

Sammic commercial vacuum packing machines allow to improve the durability of cooked or raw food, with no loss of weight. With stainless steel body and chamber, all Sammic vacuum packing machines are equipped with cordless sealing bars, making cleaning easy and comfortable.

The LED's in the control panel indicate each cycle stage whilst performing. A STOP key allows the interruption of the cycle at any stage, moving on to the next step.

All Sammic commercial chamber vacuum packing machines are equipped with a pump drying program, which improves the durability of the machine, as well as a working hours counter display, which allows to know chen oil must be replaced.

Sammic chamber vacuum packing machines are NSF listed.