500mm Basket Glasswashers

Glasswashers in a commercial setting need to be tough, long lasting, easy and inexpensive to clean and maintain, and be able to deliver spotless results consistently day in day out over their whole lifetime. All crockery, cutlery and glassware needs to be thoroughly cleaned after each use in every catering business, but glassware (particularly wine and champagne glasses) will get the highest scrutiny from most of your customers, and will show up poor results the most obviously - they need to sparkle to impress.

Our commercial glasswashes can deal with the high demands of the catering industry and the volume and intensity of use. Capacities and wash cycles can differ so make sure you are clear on your business requirements are before making your purchase, and check for additional features such as optional fitted drain pumps, which will help your machine drain more efficiently.

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Save Yourself Time!
Answer a few questions and we’ll help you find the right 500mm Basket Glasswashers for your business.
What height is the 'tallest' glass (or item) you will be washing in the glasswasher?
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note: a standard UK pint glass is 149mm in height. Branded glasses can be much taller, so please check the height of your tallest glass before ordering
What glass capacity do you require from your glasswasher?
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Do you live in a 'hard water' area?
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Do you require a drain pump to empty used water?
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(Read more about drain pumps here)
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