Arcoroc CG153 Cervoise Stemmed 2/3 Pint Glasses 380ml CE Marked (Pack of 24) (DISCONTINUED)

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Arcoroc CG153


Product Specifications
Box Quantity24
Dimensions178(H)x 76(Ø)mm

Looking for a stylish and sophisticated way to serve your beer? The Arcoroc Cervoise collection provides a European-inspired alternative to the traditional 2/3 pint glass - these stemmed beer glasses feature a tall and slender bowl to retain the head for longer, preserving the beer's tastes and aromas.

The stem of these 2/3 pint beer glasses can be pinched so you can easily swirl while pouring - this will help to release aromas and further enhance the drinking experience for your customers. It's also comfortable to hold, keeping the warmth of the hand away from the bowl to help beers stay chilled for longer.

Arcoroc CG153 Features
  • Capacity 13½oz / 380ml
  • Dimensions 178(H) x 76(Ø)mm
  • Material Glass
  • Supplier Model Number 1A01O
  • Weight 6.17kg
  • European-style stemmed design with slender bowl for savouring craft beers
  • Stem keeps beer cool for longer by limiting contact with warmth from the hand
  • CE-marked to confirm quality and compliance with health and safety regulations
  • Helps lighter beers and international lagers retain their head for longer
  • Stem can be pinched to easily swirl beers while pouring and release aromas
  • Glasswasher-safe to save time and effort when it comes to cleaning

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