Birkenstock catering equipment

More than just a comfortable mule, the Birkenstock clog brand has been a name associated with shoes for over 200 years.

Did you know Birkenstock clogs and Birkenstock shoes were originally launched in the UK in London’s Covent Garden? The Natural Shoe Store in Covent Garden offered customers quality, comfort and stylish footwear designed to last, aligning with Birkenstock clog’s brand values. Today, durable yet soft sole materials and stylish design continue to drive global demand for the popular safety clogs. Birkenstock's well established, slick shoemaking focuses on cushioning your foot for shift long comfort. Their safety shoes and safety clogs make the ideal catering footwear for professional kitchen use, thanks to toe caps for added safety and non-slip soles on clogs.

The beauty of a Birkenstock is in its shape. Created first for comfort, Birkenstock safety clogs are crafted to support the natural shape of your foot. This is why when you wear a Birkenstock clog, you truly feel the difference in walking. Birkenstock clogs not only allow you to travel effortlessly, they encourage travelling in style too. So you’re not just buying a shoe, you’re buying safety footwear which goes with everything from your chef trousers to your personal casual wear.

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