Catering equipment for Chinese takeaways

Chinese Takeaway Catering Equipment

Chinese takeaways make use of a range of cooking techniques and commercial catering equipment to offer an extremely broad choice of dishes and extremely fast service. Being able to prepare lots of ingredients in advance, store them effectively, and then bring them back to temperature while maintaining quality are the essential elements of a successful, profitable Chinese takeaway.

Catering Appliance Superstore can provide an excellent range of bulk preparation machinery allowing you to automate and speed up the processing of raw ingredients - chopping, cutting, grating, mashing, pureeing, crushing and slicing can all be achieved in a fraction of the time of manual processing - good preparation equipment is an excellent investment in time saving for a busy Chinese takeaway.

The cookline in a Chinese takeaway is often centred around a high performance commercial oven with built in hobs, as this will provide great cooking power for large pans of sauces, bases and stocks in the preparation stage, and good cooking and reheating power during service. Grills, griddles and fryers are all common appliances in Chinese takeaways as they are versatile and high capacity. Commercial microwaves, combination microwave ovens and convection ovens are useful for bringing cold stored food back up to temperature, and hot holding options like bain maries and hot cupboards can keep sauces and dishes hot throughout service.

Specialist equipment such as pasta boilers (which can also be used for noodles), soup kettles for hot holding of clear soups and broths, and automatic rice cookers will add extra cooking capacity (and in the case of soup kettles and rice cookers, built in hot holding capacity) for these high turnover items.

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