Catering equipment for Corporate Purchasers

Catering equipment for Corporate Purchasers

We understand that corporate purchasers and procurement teams in the catering and hospitality sector require greater flexibility from a supplier of commercial catering equipment. The purchase and supply of high volumes and values of products on a regular basis requires a collaborative approach to ensure both parties needs and expectations are met. In particular, we recognise that large companies or organisations with a streamlined procument function often cannot afford the complexity of managing suppliers with different order fulfilment and payment processes, and we are always willing to discuss ways in which Catering Appliance Superstore can conform to a particular client's process standards.

Catering Appliance Superstore are happy to negotiate options for long term supply relationships with corporate clients. As a good first step we recommend setting up an online account, which will allow you enhanced order management features such as fast checkout, online tracking and stored order history, as well as features to help with logistics such as saved dispatch address. In addition to these basic features, and depending on projected or agreed order volume, we are also able to discuss customisation of process and to a certain extent terms and conditions of supply, return, and payment, including extended payment terms on account.

In terms of ensuring competitive pricing for corporate clients, our entry level option is our quote checkout, which allows us to analyse any given basket on a case by case basis to provide the most attractive overall price. This is suitable for most small to medium enterprises, but again for higher levels of agreed order volumes over the course of a long term working relationship, we understand that large catering and hospitality organisations may need to plan refurbishments or replacements around agreed pricing for certain products, or at least pricing within a given tolerance.

To find out what we can do for you, contact us on 01539 760 650 and ask to speak to the key accounts department, or email a brief summary of your business requirements to with the subject title "Corporate Account". Whatever your needs, you can take comfort in knowing you are dealing with a well established family business with over 40 years experience, run by people who care about doing the best they can for their customers

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