Falcon Dominator Plus Range

Ideal for use in restaurants, hospitals, hotel kitchens and for local authorities, the medium duty Dominator Plus series is the foodservice professional's equipment of choice. With it's sleek, modern, curved design and subtle branding, Dominator Plus is also ideal for front of house applications.

Dominator Plus has everything you need for your kitchen. The multi-award-winning G3101 six burner range, the energy-efficient E3914i induction range and the unrivalled radiant chargrill models (in several widths) are some of the more popular appliances.

The portfolio encompasses everything from ranges, ovens, boiling tops and fryers to chargrills, griddle plates, grills and pasta cookers. Not forgetting the ever-expanding induction series too. Product choice continues to grow, E3405 chip scuttle and E3407 bain marie are recent additions to the range and Gas and Electric bratt pans are also now available.

Small kitchens can benefit from specifying Dominator Plus too. 400mm wide versions of popular models include a chargrill, boiling top, griddle and induction hob. All of them designed to provide maximum cooking performance within a limited footprint.

This extensive product range provides an ideal solution to any kitchen requirement, Dominator Plus is the cornerstone in thousands of foodservice businesses across the country.

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