Food Slicers

Food slicers are important tools in a kitchen where preparation efficiency and portion consistency are important. A good slicer can quickly and easily slice cooked and boned joints of meat to a variety of thicknesses set by the user, leaving you with standardised product ideal for anything from roast dinners to simple sandwiches.

For heavy duty use, i.e large volumes of slicing and frequent slicing of heavier joints, opt for a model with gravity belt driven blades and check the power of the unit; something closer to 2kw than 1kw would be considered heavy duty.

For exceptionally heavy duty butchery work or for cutting frozen foods, you may require a commercial catering band saw to get the job done effectively.

General purpose slicing, suitable for certain vegetables as well as cooked and cold meats, can be found in the inexpensive Dynamic DDC.

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