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Foster Blast Chillers / Freezers

Foster blast chillers and freezers provide you with effective, energy efficient rapid food cooling after cooking, essential for the mass production and safe cold storage of prepared foods intended for reheating, part baked goods, or cooked ingredients intended to be served cold. Minimising the time food takes to cool will vastly reduce the risk of food poisoning or spoilage bacteria developing, and will also improve the quality and freshness of the reheated product. High quality, British manufactured Foster models work quickly, some models reducing temperatures from 70°C to -18°C in just 90 minutes.

Foster blast chillers and freezers include models in the xtra range, meaning you can purchase using interest free credit in order to spread the capital cost of your investment. Foster are also a leader in green refrigeration technology and energy efficient running. For more guidance on how to select an efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerator, check out our Knowledge Base article on the subject.