Friulinox catering equipment

A range of reliable, versaatile products with guranteed performance, even in the most demanding situations. 

With the Ready famil of blast chiellers, you immediately have the optimal technologies and solutions to meet every request, optimise inventory and purchases, reduce waste, and make your work easier, gaining trime and opening new opportunities for your business.

The ready cabinets allow tou to blast chill food in a versatile way and with precise temperature control, thanks to the pin prove and the functional and legible display.

With Ready blast chillers you have the possibility of creating your own personailised recipes from scratch, with maximum ease and versatility. Save up to 99 programs to meet your most frequent use needs, in all sectors: gastronomy, pastry, baking, ice cream making.

Choose the sets of temperature already programmed or customize them depending on your needs, in all parameters: from the temperature of the cell to the duration of the cycle.

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