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Lincat Opus 700 Electric Griddles Range

Rapid high quality griddling performance comes in the form of the Opus 700 range of gas and electric griddles. Flat steel plate, half flat and half ribbed, and clam griddles are all available to suit the needs of your catering operation.

All models are produced with large fat collection drawers, wide fat drainage holes and supplied with scrapers, and are constructed or super strong, flush fitting and easy to clean 430 grade stainless steel, with enamelled steel upstands where selected, and stainless steel extended splashguards also available.

The OE7205, or the OE7205 if you need an extra 200mm of width capacity, are equipped with 16mm thick precision machined steel griddle plates and thermostatic controls that assure balanced heat distribution and temperature consistency for the whole life of the product, and independently controlled heating zones allow you to cook different foods at the same time or to switch one zone off completely during off-peak trading for economical running. Flush radiused edges make for easy cleaning and maintenance, and all models come with a cooler "holding zone" at the front of the griddle plate. If you want extra fat reduction through run off, or just those attractive light grill lines on your griddled food, then opt for the OE7209 with its half-ribbed plate.

OE7211 (single plate) and OE7210 (double plate) electric clam griddles can triple the speed of cooking time for many items by applying temperature and pressure to top and bottom surfaces of your food at the same time. The griddle plate is 15mm stainless steel and the clam plates themselves are 12mm hard anodised aluminium with an applied PTFE sheets (non reactive, non stick surface with extremely low friction rating), for even heat and easy cleaning. The clam tops are hinged to automatically adjust to suit the thickness of your food.

Again, precise thermostatic temperature control gives consistent results and economical operation in the range 50 degrees C to 250 degrees C, further enhanced by the independent digital timer on each clam plate, which can be used to duplicate a cook cycle for a specific product without risk of over or undercooking. Work out the optimum time, set the timer, and let the Lincat Opus electric clam griddle do the rest; repeat ad infinitum.