Catering equipment for Pizzeria takeaways

Pizzeria Takeaway Catering Equipment

Above all else, pizzeria takeaway restaurants require pizza oven capacity sufficient to see them through their peak trading period, typically mid to late evening. Catering Appliance Superstore recommend a full service twin deck model, such as the Lincat PO630 with a capacity of 12 x 12" pizzas.

Other appliances a pizzeria takeaway may require are fryers for sides of fries, chips, wedges or onions rings, possibly a convection oven for rapid cooking of garlic breads, and grills or griddles for cooking additional English dishes. If your pizzeria prepares pizza bases, salads, fries and other items in-house, a good range of preparation equipment will also be essential to ensure you can effectively prepare for each service session - a good food mixer and a food processor at the very least will be required. Our range of robust reliable fridges and freezers will provide all the storage you need for whatever you prepare, regardless of whether you're storing bought in components or those made onsite from scratch.

Pizza ovens can kick out some serious heat, and if you have banks of several operating at the same time, you'll need a good quality, efficient filtration units will help keep the air quality good and the working temperature more comfortable for employees and customers alike.

For takeaway service you'll of course need appropriate pizza boxes and food takeaway containers, and if you're undertaking food delivery you'll also need some effective insulated food storage.

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