Rational iCombi Pro 6-2/1/G/N 6 Grid 2/1GN Natural Gas Combination Oven

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Pre-Order (Available from: 06/03/2023)

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SKU: 82747 | MPN: ICP 6-2/1/G/N

Manufacturers 2 Years Parts and Labour Warranty

Natural Gas

Pre-Order (Available from 06/03/2023)

Product Specifications
Category6 Grid Gas Combination Ovens / Steamers
AvailabilityPre-Order (Available from 06/03/2023)
MPNICP 6-2/1/G/N
Meals Per Day60-160
Gas Supply0.75 inch hose
MaterialStainless Steel Grade: 304
WarrantyManufacturers 2 years on-site parts & labour
Weight144 KG
Power SupplyNatural Gas & 13 Amp
Width (External)1072mm
Height (External)754mm
Depth (External)1042mm
FinishStainless Steel
Gas TypeNatural Gas
Power TypeNatural Gas
Gastronorm Capacity6 x 2/1 GN / 12 x 1/1 GN
Combi RangeiCombi Pro

Rational All-in Service Packages available.

If you want to set new standards, you need to create new ways of thinking. Baking, frying, grilling, steaming, poaching - all achieved more intelligently, simply, more efficiently. RATIONAL is using more than 45 years of cooking research to think outside the box and has undertaken significant research in skills shortages, food trends and kitchen management. Gaining a new direction. Always with the same goal, getting one step closer to perfection.

Rational ICP 6-2/1/G/N Description

Intelligent functions
> Intelligent climate management with accurate moisture measurement, setting and control
> The actual measured humidity in the cooking chamber can be set and retrieved
> Dynamic air turbulence in the cooking chamber through 1 intelligently reversing high-performance fan wheels with 5 fan wheel speeds, intelligently controlled and manually programmable
> Intelligent control of cooking paths with automatic adjustment of the cooking steps to the defined desired result, e.g. browning and degree of cooking, safely and efficiently. Regardless of the operator, the size of the food and the loading quantity
> Precise monitoring and calculation of browning based on the Maillard reaction, in order to reproduce optimal cooking results
> Interrupt intelligent cooking paths or switch from the iCookingSuite to the iProductionManager for maximum flexibility
> Intelligent cooking step for fermenting baked goods
> Individual, intuitive programming by drag-and-drop of up to 1,200 cooking programmes with up to 12 steps.
> Easy transfer of cooking programmes to other cooking systems with secure cloud connection with ConnectedCooking or with a USB stick
> Automated, intelligent planning and control tool iProductionManager for the optimal organisation of several cooking processes and mixed loads. Automatic closing of planning gaps. Automatic time or energy optimisation of the planning and target time cooking, in order to start or stop cooking at the same time.
> Optical signalling of loading and removal requests with energy-saving LED lighting.
> Automatic recommencement and optimal completion of a cooking sequence after power failures that last less than 15 minutes
> Intelligent cleaning system suggests cleaning programmes and required amount of care products based on the degree of dirt of the cooking system
> Display of the current cleaning status and the descaling status
> Intelligent control of the VarioSmoker (accessory) with cooking paths
> Condensation and extractor hoods (accessories) with situation-specific customisation of suction power and transmission of service messages.

Cooking functions
> Effective steam generator for optimal steam performance even at low temperatures below 100 °C
> PowerSteam function: selectable increased steam outputs for Asian applications
> Integrated, maintenance-free grease separation system with no additional grease filter
> Cool-down function for fast cooling of the cooking space with selectable, additional fast cooling by means of water injection
> Core temperature probe with 6 measuring points as well as automatic error correction in the event of false readings. Optional positioning aid for soft or very small food (accessories)
> Delta-T cooking for particularly gentle preparation with minimal cooking losses
> Exact steaming, water volume adjustable in 4 levels in the temperature range from 30 °C - 260 °C for convection or a combination of steam and convection
> Digital temperature display adjustable in °C or °F, display of target and actual values
> Digital display of the cooking chamber humidity and time, display of target and actual values
> Time format adjustable in 24-hour format or am/pm
> 24-hour real-time clock with automatic conversion from summer to winter time when connected with ConnectedCooking
> Automatic pre-selected starting time with variable date and time
> Integrated hand shower with automatic return and switchable spray and single jet function
> Energy-saving, long-life LED lighting in the cooking chamber with high colour rendering for quick detection of the current state of food
> Free hotlines for questions regarding technology and application support (ChefLine)

Occupational and operational safety
> Electronic safety temperature limiter for steam generator and convection heating
> Integrated fan wheel brake
> Maximum contact temperature of the cooking cabinet door 73 °C
> Use of Active Green cleaner tabs and care tabs (solid matter cleaner) for optimal work safety
> HACCP data storage and output via USB or optional storage and management in the cloud-based networking solution ConnectedCooking
> Tested according to national and international standards for unsupervised operation
> Maximum rack height not higher than 1.6 m when using a RATIONAL base frame
> Ergonomic door handle with right/left opening and door closing function

> Integrated, IP-protected Ethernet interface for wired connection to the cloud-based networking solution ConnectedCooking
> Integrated WLAN interface for wireless connection to the cloud-based networking solution ConnectedCooking
> Integrated USB interface for local data exchange
> Central unit management, recipe, shopping cart and programme management, HACCP data management, maintenance management by means of the cloud-based networking solution ConnectedCooking

Cleaning and care
> Non-mains pressure dependent automatic cleaning and care system for cooking cabinet and steam generator
> 9 cleaning programmes for unsupervised cleaning, even overnight, with automatic cleaning and descaling of the steam generator
> Ultrafast cleaning in just 12 minutes for almost uninterrupted, hygienic production
> Automatic safety routine after a power failure ensures a detergent-free cooking chamber even after the cleaning has been cancelled
> Use of phosphate and phosphorous free Active Green cleaning tabs and care tabs
> Hygienic, floor-level installation without feet for easy, safe cleaning
> 3 pane oven door with rear ventilation, heat-reflecting special coating and swivelling glass panes for easy cleaning
> Material inside and outside stainless steel DIN 1.4301, seamless hygienic cooking chamber with rounded corners and optimised air flow
> Easy and safe external cleaning due to glass and stainless steel surfaces as well as protection against water jets from all directions due to protection class IPX5
> Monitoring option for automatic cleaning by means of the cloud-based networking solution ConnectedCooking

> High-resolution 10.1" TFT colour display and capacitive touchscreen with self-explanatory symbols for simple, intuitive operation and control using sweep or swipe movements
> Acoustic prompt and visual display when user intervention is required
> Central dial with push function for intuitive selection and confirmation of entries
> More than 55 languages can be configured for user interface and help function
> Basic cooking preferences of the country-specific cuisine can be selected, regardless of the language set for the unit. Another country-specific cuisine can be selected
> Specially adapted cooking parameters for international or country-specific dishes can be selected and started, regardless of the language set for the unit
> Extensive search function in all cooking paths, application examples and settings
> Context-sensitive help, which always displays the current help content for the displayed screen content
> Starting application examples from the help
> Easy selection of cooking paths over 7 operating modes and/or from 4 cooking methods
> Cockpit function to display information about the processes within a cooking path
> Customisation and control of user profiles and access rights to prevent operating errors
> Interactive messages about cooking paths, calls to action, intelligent functions and warnings with the Messenger Installation, maintenance and environment
> Professional installation by certified technicians recommended by RATIONAL
> Fixed waste water connection conforming to SVGW requirements is permitted
> Customisation to the installation location (height above sea level) with automatic calibration
> Operation without water softeners and without additional manual descaling is possible
> Installation flush with the floor and wall by connection in the base area*
> Service diagnosis system with an automatic indicator of service messages and a self-test function for active assessment of unit functions.
> Remote diagnosis with ConnectedCooking by certified RATIONAL service partners
> Regular maintenance is recommended. Maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendation by RATIONAL service partners
> Energy efficiency tested and passed in accordance with ENERGY STAR. Published at www.energystar.gov

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Product Options

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Active Green cleaner tablet for iCombi Pro and iCombi Classic (150 pcs) 56.01.535Active Green Cleaner Tablet (150 pcs) (56.01.535) 56.01.535Care Tablets (150 Per Pack)  OCA8357Care Products
Active Green Cleaner Tablet (150 pcs) (56.01.535) 56.01.535
Active Green Cleaner Tablet (150 pcs) (56.01.535) (56.01.535)
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Care Tablets (150 Per Pack)  OCA8357
Care Tablets (150 Per Pack) (OCA8357)
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All-in packages
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iCombi Table G (Pre-site Survey, Installation, 2 inspections a year up to 5 years, Extended warranty up to 5 years):
Rational 2/1 GN (650 x 530mm) Rust-Free Stainless Steel Grid - 6010.2101 6010.2101Rational Grids

The Rational units are built with oven racks however, they are not supplied with grids as standard.

Rational 2/1 GN (650 x 530mm) Rust-Free Stainless Steel Grid - 6010.2101 6010.2101
Rational 2/1 GN (650 x 530mm) Rust-Free Stainless Steel Grid - 6010.2101 (6010.2101)
£33.99exc. VAT
£40.79inc. VAT
UltraVent Condensation Hood For 6-2/1, 10-2/1 Models - 60.75.135Canopies > Rational UltraVent

The condensation technology in UltraVent absorbs and dissipates steam. An additional external connection or extension to an existing exhaust air system is not required for this air re-circulation hood. Installation is simple and it can be retrofitted at any time. Ultravents are not required for any gas units due to gas regulations in the UK.

UltraVent Condensation Hood For 6-2/1, 10-2/1 Models - 60.75.135
UltraVent Condensation Hood For 6-2/1, 10-2/1 Models - 60.75.135:
£2,549.99exc. VAT
£3,059.99inc. VAT
Downloads & Manuals:

Please click on a link below to download.

Spec Sheet
All-in Packages Fact Sheet
Technical Service

RATIONAL has put together an All-in Service Package so that you can rely on maximum operational reliability and significantly extend the product life cycle of the iCombi or iVario. Exclusively for Catering Appliance Superstore. And only available online.

The package is tailored to the device type, device size as well as the duration of the warranty extension and includes the following services:

  • Pre-site Survey: Pre-check of the installation conditions
  • Installation: Professional installation as well as care and cleaning instruction, prerequisite for the free 2-year warranty.
  • 2 inspections a year up to 5 years: condition check, replacement of wear parts as well as cleaning and care instruction
  • Extended warranty up to 5 years: Extension of the 2-year warranty by up to 3 years, including parts, labour and travel*.

*in accordance with current warranty conditions.

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