Mesh, slot and sieve drinks strainers will help filter out any of the leftover solids from cocktail addling, blending or mixing, leaving you with a great tasting drink with no bits. Choose from a selection of different drinks strainers to suit different thicknesses of beverage (don't choose a fine sieve strainer for a thick smoothie, for instance, it will take too long for the liquid to pour through).

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DM218 Julep Strainer
In Stock!
In Stock!
£1.84 Ex VAT
£2.21 Inc VAT
F975 Strainer
In Stock!
In Stock!
£2.70 Ex VAT
£3.24 Inc VAT
CF648 Mesh Bar Strainer
In Stock!
In Stock!
£2.98 Ex VAT
£3.58 Inc VAT
F976 Strainer
In Stock!
In Stock!
£3.15 Ex VAT
£3.78 Inc VAT