Waste Management

Ensure your business is well provided with equipment for managing the flow of recycling, waste and litter out of your doors for collection. Make use of the most appropriate type of bin for the job in question, for instance foot peddle operated bins or peddle sack trolleys for food production environments, and specialist sanitary bins for washrooms. Where the bin will be situated in a customer environment such as a hotel bedroom, consider a premium product like the stainless steel Bolero bullet bin or Brabantia touch lid bin.

Consider using seperate bins for recycling at the point of disposal inside your premises, which will help reduce sorting at the point of disposal into your main collection bins (and probably increase the total proportion of your waste that is recycled).

Businesses with outdoor smoking areas should use plenty of ashtrays and cigarette bins to avoid the spread of cigarette butts across the ground or into nearby plant pots!

We also provide litter pickers for managing outdoor waste in pub gardens or outside street-front properties. Customers are just as likely to form an opinion of cleanliness based on outside areas as of inside areas (particularly as the outside areas are often seen first).

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