Catering equipment for Baguette shops

Baguette Shop Catering Equipment

Quick service baguette shops, sandwich shops and boulangeries need good quality refrigeration display equipment for sandwich fillings, cold drinks and pre-packaged baguettes, sandwiches and salads, and other merchandising display options for cakes and snacks. We can provide compact undercounter and countertop fridge units ideal for small sandwich shops with limited space, as well as attractive refrigerated display counters - either countertop units or refrigeration that is built into a serving counter. A stand alone multideck display on the customer side of your shop floor might be more suitable if you have an element of self service in your operation.

An efficient oven for baking and warming baguettes and other speciality breads will be needed, and a standard format electric hob or gas burner oven, or perhaps just the oven without any hobs or boiling tops. However, if you want to save space then take a look at our range of quick baking fan assisted convection ovens, or combination microwave ovens. To keep the bread warm once baked you could keep the oven on a low heat or opt for a heated countertop display, freeing your oven to cook the next batch of baguettes. Grills and commercial microwaves are of course great versatile additions to any commercial catering operation.

Many sandwich shops we provide equipment to are looking to expand their product range without eating into the limited retail space available to them. Potato bakers, soup kettles, crepe makers, pie cabinets and waffle makers are just a few of the more popular "added value" catering appliances - for the next step up in product offering you could even look into a rotisserie they are excellent because they cook and maintain temperature of food until sold.

Check out the most popular baguette shop categories below for more ideas or browse the site for more great appliances and equipment for the production and service of delicious sandwiches and other products. We can of course also provide a full range of takeaway containers and disposable cutlery.

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