Catering equipment for Bakeries

Bakery Catering Equipment

Bakeries typically require relatively specialised catering equipment alongside a few general purpose units, with an emphasis on automation and repeatability of preparation activities and baking conditions. Bakery equipment must guarantee consistency of bread, biscuit, cake, pastry and pasty quality in every batch, day in and day out. Maximum baking capacity for the available space is another important consideration.

The preparation appliances most popular with bakeries are our range of automatic sieves, food mixers, food processors and blenders, spice grinders and stick blenders. When it comes to the baking itself, lots of bakeries find that a general purpose commercial oven usually provides a good start and allows for a lot of flexibility. Some bakeries require hobs, others don't - the advantage of ovens without hobs is that some models can be stacked or come as a two tier unit as standard.

On top of general commercial ovens, however, atmospheric steamers, convection ovens, combination ovens and conveyor ovens are popular with bakeries for their high capacities and for their precise control of cooking conditions. Refrigeration requirements for bakeries are similarly specialised storage cabinets allowing baking racks to be easily slid in and out in are a worthwhile investment, with good atmospheric controls and retarding functions for proving dough.

Bakeries wishing to expand their range are advised to take a look at appliances like waffle makers and donut fryers. Those who sell their own products on site, a good range of hot and cold storage service counters will be required, and you'll probably want a multideck display for sandwiches and cold drinks too.

Baking produces a lot of voluminous washing up - a pass through system with a pull down hood will probably be better than a front loading dishwasher (it will certainly give you more space inside the washing tank for large mixing bowls, gostronorm pots). Finally, make sure your entire bakery environment is maintained for best food quality and the comfort of all your staff with an effective air filtration unit.

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