Catering equipment for Bus stations

Bus Station Catering Equipment

Catering in smaller bus stations may be provided solely by self service vending machines, but many larger bus terminals have kiosks or small cafes or are even attached to a food court, perhaps as part of a shopping centre.

Food on the go is obviously a priority for most customers in this environment, chiefly hot and cold sandwiches, hot and cold beverages, and sweet and savoury snacks. Ensuring a ready supply of "to go" items will keep your queue moving and maximise sales, and a space efficient way of doing so is to combine display and storage of prepared items with heated merchandisers and refrigerated merchandisers, as well as refrigerated display racks if you offer self service. Display storage is a good way of attracting customers in the first instance and helping them choose quickly when they reach you.

For hot service where display hot holding may not work (fine for pies, pastries and pizza slices, less appropriate for bacon sandwiches), the most popular items for bus station kiosks are high capacity grills or griddles, quick to heat up and able to cook a full range of breakfast items. Soup kettles are also a favourite, acting as hot storage and an advertisement for the product, and of course a high quality water boiler and coffee machine are essential to keep your customers well supplied with hot beverages.

If you need additional cold storage on top of any display chillers, compact countertop, undercounter or upright single door fridges and freezers are likely to be your best options for a retail unit with limited space. Of course, if you have sufficient room once your core catering appliances are installed, you can decide whether to introduce increased choice with more specialised catering equipment such ice cream displays, rotisseries, potato bakers, crepe makers, waffle makers, smoothie makers and juicers.

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