Catering equipment for Cantonese takeaways

Cantonese Takeaway Catering Equipment

Cantonese food, originating in Guangdong province, is only one of several great Chinese culinary traditions. Due to the numbers of emigrants from this part of China settling in Europe and America, Canonese food has come to be perceived by many westerners as the typical Chinese style of cooking.

Cantonese food is characterised by the use of particular ingredients and flavours such as spring onions, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, rice wine, vinegar, black bean sauce, scallion oil, sesame oil, and garlic. Clear soups, deep fried foods, fresh seafoods and noodle dishes are just some of the distinctive types of food available in Cantonese takeaways.

As with any takeaway restaurant, there is likely to be a high volume peak trading period in the evening, and a requirement to be able to undertake as much meal preparation as possible in advance. Heavy duty preparation appliances such as general food processors, or more specialised food graters and potato chippers.

Cold and hot storage are essential when preparing a large amount of ingredients and meals in advance; look at large volume cold storage units like double doored fridge and freezer units, chest freezers, or even cold rooms and freezer rooms. Hot storage and rapid reheating can be provided by Wet or dry heat bain maries, hot cupboards, combination microwaves, ordinary microwaves and convection ovens, and if you deliver then take a look at hot holding equipment suitable for transport.

For large amounts of sauces and soups and other ingredients in advance, start with a high performance oven with built in hobs (gas or electric), and add extra boiling top capacity in the form of countertop hobs if needed. You'll probably need grills, griddles and fryers for use during service as well, and one or more automatic rice cookers will allow you to keep up a steady production of delicious fluffy rice with very little effort.

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