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Cocktail Muddlers

Cocktail muddlers allow bartenders and mixologists to effectively "muddle" or mix solid cocktail ingredients with liquids, pressing them in the bottom of the jug before liquids are poured in, and also allowing them to be crushed to improve flavour. We stock traditional wooden cocktail muddlers and more modern plastic or silicone versions, some with teeth on the bottom. Wood muddlers are better for easily damaged incredients such as mint or basil, whereas toothed plastic muddlers are better for fruit, honey or other thick ingedients that need rigorous mixing or even crushing.

Wooden muddlers can also absorb colours and flavours so if you want to keep your cocktail flavours really pure you might prefer plastic and silicone implements.

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CN181 Cocktail Muddler
In Stock!
Dimensions: 205(h) x 27(w) x 27(d)mm.
Weight: 0.082 KG
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£1.80 Ex VAT
£2.16 Inc VAT
D868 Plastic Muddler
In Stock!
Dimensions: 210 x 35 x 35mm (8.25").
Weight: 0.081 KG
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£2.62 Ex VAT
£3.14 Inc VAT
CN193 Cocktail Muddler
In Stock!
Dimensions: 255(h) x 27(w) x 27(d)mm.
Weight: 0.103 KG
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£2.70 Ex VAT
£3.24 Inc VAT
Black Muddler Serrated - 10058-01
In Stock!

In Stock!
£6.00 Ex VAT
£7.20 Inc VAT
CS349 Silicone Muddler
In Stock!
Dimensions: 225(h) x 40(dia)mm.
Weight: 0.106 KG
In Stock!
£14.47 Ex VAT
£17.36 Inc VAT
Stainless Steel Cocktail Making Set - SA269
In Stock!
In Stock!
£44.78 Ex VAT
£53.74 Inc VAT
Copper Cocktail Making Set - SA268
In Stock!
Dimensions: 270(L) x 25(Ø)mm
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£58.68 Ex VAT
£70.42 Inc VAT