Catering equipment for Community centres

Community Centre Catering Equipment

Like village halls, community centres provide essential community space for groups to meet and socialise, hold meetings, take classes or offer and receive support and advice. Sometimes community centres are open to the whole community, or they may mainly used by specific groups such as youth clubs, working mens clubs, Christian community centres, Islamic community centres, Jewish community centres, political clubs or Buddhist retreats. Regardless, community centres are multifunctional spaces, and easily stackable fold away furniture is very popular for this reason.

In the kitchen itself, you'll need versatile facilities, which can handle everything from coffee mornings to fully catered functions. A commercial oven with built in hobs in gas or electric, one or two microwaves or combination microwave ovens, a hot water boiler and a filter coffee machine represents a good core for your community centre kitchen.

Add to this commercial grills, griddles, rice machines, soup kettles and hot holding options like bain maries or heated cabinets, and whichever refrigeration or freezing options you think are most appropriate for the space you have and the ways in which the community centre caters (especially how frequently the kitchen is used and how food stock is managed).

Remember to keep your kitchen equipment straightforward, durable and not too specialised - many different groups may use the community centre kitchen to cook a wide range of meal types, so a good all-round cookline will serve you well.

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