Catering equipment for Fast food outlets

Fast Food Outlet Catering Equipment

Fast food outlets are high volume, high demand catering operations. Some have peak trading periods during which they serve far more meals than at any other time, others are always at peak capacity due to their location. Some fast food outlets attempt to meet demand by offering a relatively restricted menu choice and setting up their kitchens to deliver near production line efficiency and consistency on that range, others maintain a broad choice and instead rely on effective preparation, cold storage and effective quick reheating options, or hot holding storage of batch prepared foods during service.

Catering Appliance Superstore can supply high volume and high powered fryers, grills, griddles and boiling tops for fast food outlets delivered freshly cooked foods at high volume, to order. In such a pressure environment, we would always recommend a cohesive, premium product range for a cohesive kitchen layout and complete reliability.

Options more focused around hot holding of pre-cooked food include wet and dry heat bain maries, hot cupboards, ambient and heated food display merchandisers, and rotisseries. If you intend to refrigerate or freeze a proportion of your menu for cold service or for quick reheating, you'll need convenient undercounter fridges and freezers so team members do not need to leave their workstation to retrieve items, and you'll want effective re-heating options that maintain the quality of food.

Commercial microwaves, combination microwave ovens, convection ovens and combination ovens are all good options for reheating different kinds of food, and chances are you will need a mixture of some or all of them in your fast food business. If you are able to predict demand for certain items and can therefore batch prepare fresh goods, then atmospheric steamers, conveyor ovens and stackable banks of electric ovens might work well for you too. If you serve pizza in your fast food restaurant, then of course we can provide high quality pizza ovens.

In fast food environments, often situated in foodcourts or other indoor spaces shared by other retailers, effective filtration is an absolute requirement. Other things any fast food restaurant will need to consider are whether any preparation equipment is needed (if any food is made on site rather than bought in), and what capacity of washing equipment is needed - typically washing requirements for crockery, cutlery and glassware are light as disposable items are used, but you will still need a washer for cleaning kitchen utensils, preparation equipment and even when dismantling cooking appliances for deep cleans.

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