Catering equipment for Kebab takeaways

Kebab Takeaway Catering Equipment

Kebab takeaways provide a vital service to hungry, late night revellers the length and breadth of the country - they have become a staple fixture in most towns of any size, generally stay open later than most other fast food restaurants, and handle large volumes of trade at a time when most other foodservice operations have been closed for a good number of hours.

A key piece of kebab takeaway equipment is of course a good quality rotating kebab machine, of which Catering Appliance Superstore stock several models from specialist manufacturer roller grill. Other cooking equipment common to kebab takeaways are pizza ovens, from single deck pizza ovens to twin deck pizza ovens capable of cooking twelve 12" pizzas at a time, fryers and a large, high powered chargrills. Another excellent appliance option that combines cooking and hot holding in the same way as a kebab machine is a rotisserie grill.

Supplement these with a good commercial microwave commercial microwaves or two, cold storage fridges and freezers, and a refrigerated serve over display counter for fresh salad fillings and cold drinks, you're well on your way to a fully equipped kebab takeaway.

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