Catering equipment for Nurseries

Nursery Catering Equipment

Nurseries caring for pre-schoolers from under a year old to four years old often need to provide food and drink for the children they look after and help to educate, and obviously at such an early stage in development the healthiness and safety of food is extremely important. Children in that age bracket also have a broad range of requirements for nutrition and the type of food they will comfortably eat.

Infants and toddlers are growing rapidly, but have small stomachs, so need small quantities of high energy, high nutrition foods in the main categories of starchy foods, fruit and veg, high calcium foods and proteins. Low fat foods should be kept to a minimum, as growing infants need high fat content for energy (though obviously this must be balanced with the other essentials).

Very early nursery children will need pureed or blended foods, and smoothies are a great way to get all toddlers to have fruit and vegetables. Options for cooking other foods should include equipment to maximise nutrition and energy levels, and of course you will need good cold storage options. If your nursery has a kitchen and provides meals, a good starting point might be to equip it around a core of one or more commercial microwaves, blenders or smoothie makers, some compact refrigeration and freezing units, and a small multifunctional oven with built in hobs.

We also strongly recommend purchasing a temperature probe to ensure any high risk foods such as meat, fish or rice are thoroughly heated during cooking, and also that serving temperature is not too hot, particularly for very young children.

We encourage nurseries with more than one item to buy, to use our quote system in order to get the best total basket price possible.

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