Catering equipment for Private schools

Private School Catering Equipment

Private schools and public schools in the UK share many of the same pressures and requirements of state funded and other schools and colleges, in that they must provide meals for a large body of students and faculty in a fixed timeslot to fit around an academic timetable. As such, private schools are just as likely to need effective processing equipment for preparation in bulk, such as food mixers, food processors and preparation machines, and high capacity ovens for batch cooking like large ovens, atmospheric steamers and convection ovens.

When it comes to service, hot holding equipment like bain maries, hot cupboards, integrated hot holding service counters and other heated display cabinets all allow food to be served continuously to keep the lunch queue - very few private schools are able to offer dishes prepared to order (although some do, in which case it is probably more appropriate to refer to our restaurant equipment page).

However, there are slightly different catering requirements to consider in some private schools, and of course there is a great deal more variation in private schools across all aspects of their operation than there is in the public sector, catering facilities and food service delivery notwithstanding. Fee paying students (and their fee paying parents) obviously expect a very high quality of overall care and this goes for diet and range of choice in catering as much as anything else, so more specialised equipment may be desirable to help you expand your product range like panini grills, pasta and noodle boilers, and rotisseries, even things like juice extractors.

Some large private schools are divided into separate houses, which may provide their own catering, or otherwise separate students into upper age groups and lower age groups. Decentralisation means some duplication of cooking equipment and a greater requirement for compact cooking units, and might also affect the refrigeration and freezing options you select. Instead of cold rooms, double door fridges, double door freezers and chest freezers, it may be the case that undercounter and countertop fridges, possibly built into prep counters, might be more appropriate.

Whatever your requirements, we encourage schools customers to make use of our quote system when shopping for several products, so we can offer you the best price available.

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