Catering equipment for Restaurants

Restaurant Catering Equipment

The most appropriate catering equipment for restaurants will depend on the size and scale of your food operation, the type of food being served, and the nature of service. Small, independent restaurants or brasseries offering personalised full table service have very different requirements to large, high volume fast food restaurants operating on a counter service basis. Buffet style, self service restaurants will have very specific needs for hot holding equipment, and fast-casual street kitchen operators are likely to want a good sized service pass with an efficient hotlamp or gantry heating solution.

Even though every restaurant is different, there are still some common themes when it comes to the core catering equipment requirements.

Most restaurants of any size will need at least one high quality oven around which to build their cookline, even if this is only a smaller unit with a four burner top. Supplement this with a range of other cooking equipment such as commercial microwaves, combination ovens, grills and boiling tops. Choosing a good mix of cooking appliances will support a menu with a broad range, but if you want high volume and a smaller number of easily repeatable dishes then opt for multiples of items like fryers and large chargrills. Don't forget, if you're serving breakfast you will want hot water boilers, toasters and possibly a griddle.

All restaurants will need some form of cold storage; refrigeration, freezing or both. Double door upright fridges and freezers are good general options for most restaurants.

Catering appliance superstore can also help you fit out your restaurant and bar spaces too, with equipment like ice machines, cutlery and crockery, and restaurant and bar supplies and equipment, even furniture and staff uniforms, and the means to keep them cleaned with our range of commercial laundry equipment. Again, the furniture, fittings and the type of service clothing you require will depend on whether you are a full service or fast food restaurant; Catering Appliance Superstore stocks a full range of options to suit any business and any budget.

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